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Is there a sexy erotic side of yourself that you long to explore? Do you feel comfortable in glamorous places, 5-star ambience and trendy restaurants, in the company of a charming gentleman? Are you looking for sensual adventures and open to luxury blind dates? Atlanta Tender supports you 100% and extend this very special invitation to join our upscale adult dating community/club.


Atlanta Tender is an upscale and organized erotic lifestyle club/community, where mature adults can explore sensual companionship. Both gentlemen memebers and ompanion members are thoroughly screened and interviewed to make sure they are rational, reliable, safe, and aware.


Most of the ladies with Atlanta Tender has been members of our club for years, not just because of the lucrative benefits, but also because we are consistent, reasonable and honest. The ladies in our club are mature and independent women, and they’re treated as such. There aren't any control freaks, cattiness or drama queens here.


If you are an independent, beautiful, free spirited, feminine, healthy, intellectual and passionate woman, there are kind, generous, upscale gentlemen in Atlanta, who will graciously reward you for your time, attention, and tenderness. And we know a lot of these prominent gents and how to connect you with them.


We are selective about our members and we are always on alert with new applicants. We must acknowledge that not everyone seeking to join Atlanta Tender has the best intentions or will be right for our club. If you are not realistic about what sensual adult companionship is, or if you are unsure that this lifestyle is for you, we ask that you do not waste our time or yours. It is not our intention to convince or manipulate you to embracing the erotic lifestyle. This lifestyle is either for you or it isn’t.


If you have issues with guidelines and boundaries our club isn’t for you.


The Ideal AtlantaTender Companion:

  • Is an independent woman between 21 to 36 years old.

  • Was born female (We do not accept transgender women or transsexuals)

  • Has immaculate grooming

  • Maintains a discreet, tasteful presentation -understated, fresh & naturally beautiful.

  • In public you dress and behave as an absolute lady.

  • Has an extremely warm, personable and approachable nature. Not arrogant. (you should be more beautiful inside than outside).

  • Has respectful and mature conduct, no matter what - (You must be able to maintain your dignity and never sweat the small things. No drama queens.)

  • Does not have any large tattoos or have too many tattoos (No more than a three small tattoos).

  • Lives a healthy and wholesome lifestyle. Doesn't have any substance abuse or unsavory behavior.

  • Must be DRUG FREE!! We're very experienced. If you have any drugs or alcohol dependencies don't even bother applying. It's not tolerated. Ever. Reliability and substance abuse do not go hand in hand.

  • Is fit and in shape. Has a balanced weight. Not overweight or underweight.

  • Has confidence and common-sense intelligence - but not cocky.

  • Gets genuine enjoyment of meeting new people, giving and receiving sensual, relaxing companionship.


If you we feel that you are right for our club our concierge will contact you within four days of receiving your application and you will be given access to our website where you can learn and see more of the fun, sexy and exciting experiences Atlanta Tender offers to you and the upscale gentlemen you’ll soon meet.


To join Atlanta Tender, you must complete the online application below