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You see them everywhere....Beautiful, sexy ladies in the mall, at the gym, in the bookstore and in cafes. You can't help but notice them at the local market, walking their dogs or in restaurants. You desire to meet them, to indulge their playful laughs and experience the sparkle in their eyes. You crave their intimacy and passion.


The ladies introduced to you through Atlanta Tender are not professional providers or escorts. They are waitresses, students, bar tenders, models and real women who are enthusiastically exploring the erotic and passionate side of themselves with upscale gentlemen friends.

“What you seek is seeking you.”— Rumi

You may be thinking: somehow you’ve found something you have never seen before. A beautifully crafted online presence, a wealthy listing of intriguing ladies. Can this be trusted? Is this too good to be true?


Don’t over think it. Approach cautiously but not cynically, because your approach sets the tone of your experience. Take your time. Read, don’t scan. Be open, don’t assume. Look and you’ll see just how simple it all really is.....Real women offering real companionship.

A lot of gentlemen wonder if the companions' names are real. Their companion names may be "fake" but it is only that - fake names, not a fake people. You will discover real women behind the companions' names; educated, flirtatious, interesting, charming, kind, compassionate, poised, completely unpretentious and tender women.

“Beauty is the lover's gift.”— William Congreve

You know why you're here. You've been meticulously searching  for a safe place to land.  A place where all your worries melt away and you’ll find nothing short of a breathtaking experience. A place of solace, beauty, charming conversation, playfulness, along with all the earthly pleasures a beautiful Rare Flower could offer.


We hear you.... your desire for a sexy and genuine experience. We feel you.... your need for pleasure and escape..... Welcome to Atlanta Tender,  a special place where you can relax, be yourself, have fun and exploring your desires is encouraged.


Now, it's time for you to relax and breathe in the fresh air. This is the fun part, where you explore your options, get buttflies in your stomach and remember how it feels to be excited about something. It doesn't matter if you're seeking to be soothed from stress, to be awaken from boredom, to escape from loneliness, or to simply indulge pleasure, the "tenderness" you seek is here.


Be assured, that your experience will be a consensual and a blissfully sweet indulgence. Your secrets will always be safe with us, and you will always have a discreet return to your normal life.


The pursuit of pleasure is an absolutely beautiful thing........

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